Preamble and Footer

Adding a Preamble and Footer

You can add a preamble and / or a footer to any survey on the fly.

In the preamble and Footers section, just complete the boxes as required.

A pop up box will appear ready for you to select and images or logo for your survey

If you do not enter anything or, later decide to delete anything in wither of these boxes, then the pramble or footer will automatically be removed from your survey.

Preamble and Footer text can be a maximum of 255 characters

Once you are happy with what you have added, just click or Tap the save button to add or remove these to or from your survey.If you don't want to add a preamble or footer just yet, then click or Tap on the Skip button to advance.

Doing this will automatically take you to the final stage where if you have already subscribed, you will get your survey URL or, if not, will allow you to subscribe or pay to deploy your survey.

Did you know? You can build unlimited Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires with Survey Creator completely free of charge. We only charge you when you want to deploy them and then it's just £1 a month!

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