Question sort order

Question Sort Order

At the bottom of your survey preview located at the right hand side of your My Surveys screen or when you are creating or editing a survey is a button marked 'Question Order'

Clicking on this will open a popup window with the current order that each question appears in.

Alongside each question it shows it's current order

To change this, just select the new position you would like a question to appear in and the list will automatically update.

Having more than one question showing the same number will mean that the question you created first will appear before the questions you created after it. We would of course recommend a unique position for each question which will sometimes mean changing more than just one question.

Please do not worry though, you can keep editing here until you are happy with the results.

When you are ready, click or Tap the 'close and update preview' button and your changes will take effect on the survey preview screen to the right.

Not looking how you want it? Then just scroll to the bottom of the preview and click 'Question Order' again.

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