Getting Started

It's as simple as ABC. Just click Create New Survey, Poll or Questionnaire and away you go...

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New Questions

Enter a Survey questions, select the answer type you prefer, any options then click save...

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Answer Types

Your Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires can use simple text boxes and muti-line boxes for your standard answers. Need to be more specific? Well, you also have a range of tick boxes, radio buttons and drop down boxes to choose from where you are wanting the respondant to select from pre-defined answers.

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Logo's & Images

No problem with Survey Creator and no extra charge either.

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Thank You

It's always nice to thank them for completing your survey.

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Our Price Plans and Features

We don't like to make life complicated so our standard package for creating and deploying Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires is just £1 a month.

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