Editing All Areas

Editing All Areas Of Your Survey

You can edit absolutely every aspect of your survey on the fly through the survey preview window

Simply hover over any element and click or tap the edit button.

A pop up window will appear which will allow you to change that specific section of your survey, poll or questionnaire. Then, click update and the survey creator preview will automatically update.

Edit your survey title colour

If you are able to delete an element of your survey, a delete button will also show when you hover over that element.

Click the button to delete and once again, the survey preview window will update automatically.

You are not able to restore a previously deleted survey so be sure this is whnat you want to do before proceeding.

Did you know? You can build unlimited Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires with Survey Creator completely free of charge. We only charge you when you want to deploy them and then it's just £1 a month!

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