Adding Questions

Adding Questions To Your Survey

Adding questions to your survey is simple.

1: Decide on a question and enter it in the box shown

2: Choose what answer type to use. You have 6 choices shown below
   a: Input Box - A single line input box which is best suited for things like names, email addresses and so on
   b: Text Area Box - A multi line box that works well for things like addresses or comments
   c: Radio Buttons - An option that allows users to select from one pre-defined answer
   d: Tick Boxes - An option that allows users to choose one or more from a list of pre-defined answers
   e: Select Box - An option that allows users to select one option from a list of pre-defined answers
   f: Date Input - Allows a user to select any date from a popup calendar.

3: Once chosen, in the case of Radio Buttons, Tick Boxes or a Select Box, you would be directed to add the options you would like available.

We will go into these a little further though on the next section.

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