How and When We Charge You

There are only 2 types of subscription at Survey Creator and one, Pay Per Survey option.

With Pay Per Survey, when you want to deploy a given survey, you are asked to pay the £2 fee . This is taken via PayPal for your own security and can be paid by Pay Pal or by Desbit or Credit Card.

The payment is a one off fee and you can use that survey for up to 30 days

Our two subscription offers, Basic and Corporate are also paid via PayPal in the same way.

However, these are annual subscription prices and so once a year, your subscription will be automatically renewed

You of course have the right to cancel your subscription at any time although no refunds will be given once a survey has been deployed.

With either of the subscription plans, your survey is active for as long as your subscription is and it can be used however many times you with during this period.

Did you know? You can build unlimited Surveys, Polls and Questionnaires with Survey Creator completely free of charge. We only charge you when you want to deploy them and then it's just £1 a month!

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